Sunday, January 4, 2015

LaBar Pool Pictures - July 2014 LaBar Family Reunion

I almost forgot to share all our fun pool pics from our time with the LaBar family in Tennessee. Grand-Dad took this cute picture of our family in the pool together.
Having fun with Jackson
Grand-dad snapped this great picture of sisters, Stacy and Amber, chatting outside the pool area.
He also took this serious picture of Kennedy 
I love this swimsuit and bathing cap McKinley had this summer - it was so super cute!!! :)
Daddy and McKinley had lots of fun in the pool together
Lucky for all our kiddos all the Dads were very good sports about playing in the pool! :)
Love all these cute (and wild?) little boys! :)


Uncle Martin and his oldest daughter, Stacy, visiting by the pool

Uncle David helping his oldest grand-daughter, Heidi, warm up after a good swim
It wasn't a fancy pool, but when you have lots of cousins you can have lots of fun! :) Thanks again to everyone who participated! :)

July 6, 2014 - Ober Gatlinburg

A number of the LaBar family headed home on Sunday morning, but about half our crew was able to spend the day together at Ober Gatlinburg. At the base of the mountain we had this great group picture taken (which I have not duplicated well here and what slowed me down from making this last LaBar Reunion post - amazing how the little things get me). You may notice that Kennedy is missing. She didn't want to be in the picture, but did finally agree to join us. I guess she was standing far enough to the edge, however, that she got her way and didn't end up in our picture... I thoroughly enjoyed all these other smiling faces though and am glad for the great picture of those who were willing to participate! :) 
Aunt Faye & Rory and Reagan & Jackson ready for a fun day! :)
We began by checking out some animals and these bears put on quite a show! :)

Holden and Jackson must have ridden this old carnival ride of cars a dozen times. I think they would have been happy trading cars all day long. :)
I didn't think the day would ever come, but I am officially to old for rides that spin. Ugh, if this swing had gone around one more time I would have vomited. That was definitely my last swing ride!
Here are some pictures of our crew making there way to the top of the mountain in the chair lifts.

Kennedy sure loves Aunt Faye! :)
Before we left for the day we took several trips down a couple of water slides near the chair lifts. The kids loved it and I even got in on the action with Jackson. I think water slides are more my speed than spinning! :)

Just before we left we discovered a ride with Disney Cars, which was even more exciting than the first cars ride! :)

Had to save this picture of 5 of the LaBar great-grandchildren for last. So sweet! I'm so thankful they have opportunities to spend time together even though we live so far a part.
Thank you to all the LaBars who traveled to be a part of our family reunion. We had a wonderful time and look forward to getting together with everyone again! :)