Sunday, September 30, 2012

KET Super Saturday

KET (our local PBS station) held a Super Saturday featuring the Cat In the Hat the middle of August. We had been told by friends to be there early and I'm so glad we listened. We were able to see and do everything so easily and had so much fun! KET does these type of events with different PBS characters once or twice a year. This was the first time we went but it certainly won't be the last! Here are Reagan and Kennedy with the Cat. Jackson wouldn't go near him even if we were holding him. :)
 Next we headed to a LIVE show with Mr. Steve who appears frequently between PBS shows singing kids songs. He was fantastic and the kids had a wonderful time dancing and participating in the show. If you ever have a chance to see him, we highly recommend going! :)

 Our violin and homeschool friends Sarah and Nathan - it was thanks to their mom that we got there as early as we did. Thanks so much for the hint!
 More dancing and fun!

 Jackson was in a mood that morning and didn't get excited about anything except for the bubbles during the Mr. Steve show.
 The girls with Mr. Steve after his show
 Next we headed over to get some face painting done for the kids. These ladies were amazing!!! They did the most incredible designs and faster than anyone else we have ever seen.. It was awesome and the kids loved it!

 After the face painting the girls did some Cat In the Hat crafts. We also had a snack and enjoyed the Reptile Zoo. All in all it was a great morning!

Peanut Butter and a Friend

We spent the day at our friend Maddie and Travis' house one Friday in August and all the kids had a great time! I thought these pictures of the boys enjoying a bowl of peanut butter together were so cute and funny. They made a joint decision to ignore the celery and apple slices and devour the peanut butter more efficiently and directly by using their fingers. Looks like these two think life is pretty good... :)

Thank you for having us over to discuss homeschool curriculum and play! :)

Jackson's First Stich

The beginning of August Jackson had the honor of not only getting his first stich but the first Lueker Munchkin stich. These pictures aren't great (he wouldn't sit still and I only had my camera phone), but you can see where he hit his head.   

While waiting for Kennedy at gymnastics, Reagan accidentally pushed Jackson into a corner where he managed to create a "puncture" wound on his head. It bled pretty profusely intially (there was also blood coming from his mouth so he must have bit something there as well - suffice it to say there was blood everywhere). Luckily one of the mothers of one the little girls in Kennedy's class is a doctor and she was able to help me get the bleeding to slow down. As it turned out her husband is a pediatric surgeon at UK Children's Hospital so she sent a picture to him asking if he thought we should go to the ER or not. He thought we probably should and after speaking to our pediatrician's office we headed on down. Jackson's injury wasn't terrible it was just in an akward place and kept oozing vs scabbing. It also wasn't very long it was just deep. One of the doctor's we saw said it was really just a "hole" vs a cut. I'm not a big worrier and generally don't take the kids in for things but I'm glad I did this time. We probably would have survived with out an ER visit and a stich but I think I would have worried over it and how to be caring it for it for at least a week afterwards so I'm glad we went. We also had special treatment all the way as the parents of Kennedy's classmate paved the way for us and the ER was expecting us when we arrived. In fact, a facial surgeon ended up putting the one stich Jackson's injury required. lol :) I felt bad about the level of attention we we received given the seriousness (or lack thereof) of the injury but it was nice to know we were being taken care of!
As a side note, as the facial surgeon predicted, even though Jackson had the stich he's still going to have a small scar in the corner of his eye. I guess it's just his first battle wound. :) From what I hear it's only the beginning when you have a little boy...

Aunt Arla's July Visit

 Aunt Arla came to visit us in July. We had a fabulous time and stayed so busy that no one managed to take any pictures. That's impossible for me to believe since both Arla and I generally take a bazillion pictures a piece. The one time I managed a couple of pictures was at the Pankcakes and a Flick at the Movie Tavern where we saw the new Ice Age movie. Not a great picture but at least it's proof Arla was in Kentucky in July! :)
Jackson was beyond excited when the panckaes arrived and could not wait to dig in!
Thank you for coming to visit Aunt Arla! We can't wait to see you again the end of October! :)

July Tennessee Visits

Besides Gatlinburg we had plenty of fun in Cookeville with our friends during our July visit. We spent one day playing with Anna and Chaz at their house and in their pool.

 Our three beauty queens?
 Jackson getting into Chaz's boy squinkies
 Exactly how many bowls of cereal does a baby need? Apprently if you're at Grammy's house at least four...
 Anna and Chaz came up to play on the slip and slide and have a waterballoon fight one afternoon at Grammy's house.

We spent one evening visiting the Sligers. Aunt Marta brought Thomas toys out (Jackson was in heaven) and when we weren't watching he managed to climb into this shelving unit. It was pretty funny, especially when he realized he was stuck and couldn't figure out how to get out. 
The girls playing playdough with Haley
Aunt Marta and Uncle Van set up two sprinklers for the kids to run through

Jackson enjoyed borrowing Lucy's car
Matthew spinning the girls in the infamous chair before we left
Grammy treated the girls to manicures and pedicures after taking everyone out to donuts one morning.

Thank you everyone for all the fun! It was a great 4th of July week in Tennessee!

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Wilderness Lodge Waterpark

While in Gatlinburg we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and Waterpark. We had never been here before but we'll have to go back because we had a fantastic time! My three little water bugs loved this place!!! Here are Reagan and Kennedy with the lodge mascots.
 The girls could not get enough of the wavepool and they were successful in getting everyone else in on the action too. :)

 Jackson was a little wildman in the pool. He really thinks he can swim and did his best to get away.

 Posing for a picture for mom on a large floating snake
 There were swings in a couple of areas that all the kids enjoyed since their legs went through the water with each push.

 Slides were a big hit too! Grammy was a good sport taking turns with everyone down a variety of slides.

 Missy K on her own! :)

 I got in on the action with the slides as well. They are so much fun!

 Jackson and me checking out the water spouts.
 Grand-dad and Reagan pausing for a snack
 While the girls played in the wavepool (although Jackson spent his share of time there as well) there was a smaller kids waterplay area that Jackson loved running around.

Thank you Grammy and Grand-dad for treating us to such a fun 4th of July trip! We had a fabulous time and will have to go back again sometime! :)