Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gatlinburg Aquarium

On July 5th, we headed to the Gatlinburg Aquarium. This was our first trip to this aquarium. Jackson enjoys/ed the fish but I have to say the girls are still not real impressed. I guess they're just mammal type of gals. :) Here's my "happy" crew at the penguin exhibit. We had to work pretty hard to get this picture of all three of them. lol :)
 Once the other two left Missy K decided to cooperate...
 Both girls loved scooting under the tunnels to pop up surrounded by the penguins
 Grand-Dad captured this picture, apparently the penguins were feeling more cooperative than my children
 Everyone enjoyed getting the real fish experience

 The girls pretending to be deep sea divers

 You could open this barrel and things would pop up. Jackson thought this was hilarious! :)
 Daddy and Jackson checking out the sharks

 Reagan watching the fish in a large tank near the entrance/exit
 These jellyfish were so pretty and interesting to watch

 I don't know that any of the kids were ever brave enough to actually touch the horseshoe crabs, but they did like having the opportunity to stick their hands in the water.
 The highlight of the day for the girls was seeing and meeting a couple of mermaids. They caught the end of one show and we actually had to stay an extra hour just to see the entire mermaid show.
 Reagan and Kennedy with one of the mermaids

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