Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun at Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott's House

Saturday evening Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott had a few of the cousins down to their house to play. Ten of the 18 Carlson great grandchildren were actually there so it was a bit of a crew. The kids had a fabulous time playing together on the swingset, sandbox and running races and some of the adults even got in on some of the action. Thanks for hosting all these wild and crazy little munchkins Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott!
 Jackson (21 mos) and Haydn (3 1/2 yrs)
These next three pictures are of my cousin Nathan's super cute kids. They live right down the hill from Great Grandma and are Uncle Phil's grandkids so we usually get to play with them a couple of times during our visit. Here's Mr. Haydn who is the same age as Kennedy.
 Ariel (6 yrs)
 Kolton (7 yrs)
 Jackson enjoyed this hool-a-hoop just a bit :)
 He also liked the trucks that were in the sandbox although he wasn't so sure about sharing them with John, or anyone else for that matter...
John is such a sweetheart and even though he doesn't know me very well decided I looked like an okay person to snuggle with. What a honey! :)
These next pictures are of my cousin Jodi's four super cute kids. They were thoughtful enough to make a special stop in to see us on their way back from a week long vacation. They live in northern Wisconsin so if they hadn't made this special effort we probably would not have gotten to see them this trip. Thanks so much for taking the time to come and play with us! :) How sweet is this smile of John's??? So cute! :)
 Sophia (3 1/2 yrs)
 Daniel (5 yrs)
 Lily (7 yrs)
 Bill and John enjoying a game of tag together

 Time for a race!
 Reagan, Haydn, Uncle Scott and Ariel
 Kennedy and Sophia - there's less than 24 hrs difference in the time these two were born so they really truly were almost birthday buddies! :)
 Kennedy, Haydn and Sophia - these three have only 3 days between their birthdays
Thanks again Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott for hosting us all! And thank you Jodi and Bill for stopping in to see us! :)

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