Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Barnhill Waterslide

One of the things I loved about going to Wisconsin as a child was there were always plenty of cousins to play with. Another was that there were endless things to explore and create. Plenty of "scope for the imagination" as Anne of Green Gables would say. My favorite activity from this particular visit was using some of Uncle Phil's tarp to create an enormous waterslide on the barnhill. Uncle Phil and my cousin Nathan used hay bales at the end of the slide to create a pool for the kids to slide into. While this was one thing we never created as children I'm pretty sure it's something these cousins will remember fondly for years to come! :)

 Even if you're not an active participant if you're standing in the right (or wrong) place you still get plenty of action...
 Jackson jumped right in with all the big kids and thought this waterslide idea was a great one!

 They used a sprinkler at the top of the slide to provide the water. Nathan and the kids took turns spraying each other so they could run through the sprinkler as well as slide.
 Aunt Dee had sent down ice cream the day before so we decided it would make the perfect ice cream break!
 Love this picture of the kids all lined up eating ice cream. From left to right we have Jackson, Kennedy, Haydn, Kage, Kolton, Reagan and Ariel
 For our second day of water sliding fun Eleanor and Peter joined the Carlson cousin crew
 Pile up!

 I think this series of brother/sister shots are so cute! Love that they are holding hands as they fly down the slide! :)

 These two were wild men both days but this picture doesn't do credit to their antics! lol :)
  The kids had a good time trying to hold on to the balls Aunt Arla had provided

Peter was being so cute and smiling so sweetly. I asked him if I could take a picture and this is what he did for me. lol :) 
 I did capture this smile as well after working on it for a while 
Deep conversations with Uncle Phil

What says summer better than waterplay and watermelon with cousins?!?!?

Thank you Great Grandma for letting us play hard at your house! Thank you Uncle Phil and Nathan for setting this up for us! Thank you Aunt Dee, Aunt Arla and Grammy for providing such yummy snack breaks! Thank you to all the cousins who came to play with us! :) Thank you everyone for such awesome summer fun and memories! :)

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