Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Epic Carlson Waterballoon Battle

On our last day in Wisconsin Haydn, Ariel and Kolton agreed to come up to Great Grandma's for a great waterballoon battle. Great Grandma decided to come outside to watch the battle unfold.
 All ready to go

 And they're off!

 Poor Kolton! All the little guys ganged up on him!
From that smile it doesn't look like he minded too much. :)
  Running to rearm herself
 Fully stocked... now if only you could run and throw with that many waterballoons in your arms...

 Aunt Pat, Great Grandma and Grammy enjoying the show
 After the waterballoons were gone Haydn decided to fill a couple more
 A well deserved popsicle break after all the waterballoons have been used 
Thanks again everyone! :)

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