Sunday, September 30, 2012

KET Super Saturday

KET (our local PBS station) held a Super Saturday featuring the Cat In the Hat the middle of August. We had been told by friends to be there early and I'm so glad we listened. We were able to see and do everything so easily and had so much fun! KET does these type of events with different PBS characters once or twice a year. This was the first time we went but it certainly won't be the last! Here are Reagan and Kennedy with the Cat. Jackson wouldn't go near him even if we were holding him. :)
 Next we headed to a LIVE show with Mr. Steve who appears frequently between PBS shows singing kids songs. He was fantastic and the kids had a wonderful time dancing and participating in the show. If you ever have a chance to see him, we highly recommend going! :)

 Our violin and homeschool friends Sarah and Nathan - it was thanks to their mom that we got there as early as we did. Thanks so much for the hint!
 More dancing and fun!

 Jackson was in a mood that morning and didn't get excited about anything except for the bubbles during the Mr. Steve show.
 The girls with Mr. Steve after his show
 Next we headed over to get some face painting done for the kids. These ladies were amazing!!! They did the most incredible designs and faster than anyone else we have ever seen.. It was awesome and the kids loved it!

 After the face painting the girls did some Cat In the Hat crafts. We also had a snack and enjoyed the Reptile Zoo. All in all it was a great morning!

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  1. What a cute bunch of great-nieces and nephews! The excitement on their faces was also evident. They are featured on one of my October calendars this year! Much love to each. SC Great Aunt