Monday, September 17, 2012

Farm Days

What better way to start the day than by stalking unsuspecting Guinea Hens? 

 After three days on the farm Kennedy decided she was brave enough to try a wild 4-wheeler ride with Reagan and Uncle Phil
 Jackson thought he was beyond funny stealing Great Grandma's food
  4-wheeler ride with Aunt Dee
One morning Kolton, Ariel and Haydn invited us and another cousin, Kage, down to their house for some waterballoon fun. They had these great pumps that allowed the kids to fill up the balloons themselves.

Jackson LOVED popping the waterballoons and kept stealing every one he could from the big kids.

 We spent one afternoon up at Aunt Dee's with Lydia and Jared enjoying ice cream and the horses.
Jared and Jackson checking out Taboo and Gypsy
Since the horses are getting older now and startle easily we decided it was a better idea to feed them vs ride them this time.
Missy K giving Aunt Dee a big hug
Aunt Dee had to work pretty hard to get Jackson to let her hold him
My children view Jared as their personal jungle gym

Thank you again to everyone who came to visit and had us over for so much family fun!

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