Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kennedy's Fairy Tea Party

Since having a tea party for Reagan's 4th birthday Grammy and I have been wanting to have one for Kennedy as well. Since we were in New York for her 4th birthday her 5th birthday seemed perfect. This hat and picture do a great job of capturing Kennedy's personality.
 Here are the girls who were guests at Missy K's birthday - love all those hats! :)
Because we wanted everyone to sit together we rearranged the living room to accommodate all of Kennedy's guests.

 Daddy with the youngest tea party participant
 Grammy helping Missy K adjust her necklace
 Missy K ready for her guest to arrive
 McKinely with her godmother, Kelly
 Kennedy with her godmother, Aunt Julie
 Sweet Miss Anna
 Not sure the Queen herself could provide directions any better
 I enjoyed sitting by Missy Reagan during the tea party
 Grammy and me
 I needed a picture with my birthday girl
 Missy and Grammy
 A picture of all our party guests
Thank you to everyone for coming to share in Missy K's special fairy tea party! Your presence made the party all the more fun and memorable! :)

Missy K's Turns 5 - 2013

Kennedy coming downstairs with a couple of her birthday balloons on her birthday morning to check out her gifts and sitting in the special birthday chair our elf, Hermie (who you can see sitting in the cupcake costume on the tree next to the chair), created for her.
Missy K with her presents and new Hello Kitty bicycle
Kennedy couldn't wait to turn 5 and receive her bag of gum. She was extremely excited and opened it up right away. :)
We met Kennedy's godparents, Uncle Barry and Aunt Annette, at Krispy Kreme to celebrate her birthday breakfast. :)
Kennedy brought her new American Girl Doll, Emily, which she received from Grammy and Grand-Dad.
  Daddy and Jackson checking out the donut making process
  Birthday buddies McKinley and Lauren
 Kennedy, Lauren and Reagan
 The Lueker and Hamlin girls
  When we got home from breakfast (and maybe group violin that day as well - I don't remember everything that was going on, but I remember it was a super busy day) Kennedy resumed opening her gifts in her birthday chair. 
 Grammy gave Jackson this construction outfit and tools which he loved! :)
 Since Grammy gave Kennedy the American Girl Doll bicycle she gave Reagan the scooter
 Kennedy thoroughly enjoyed trying out her new bike and Emily enjoyed riding her new bicycle as well. :)
 That evening we met Uncle Dan, Aunt Dorothy, Heidi and Holden at our traditional birthday dinner place, Chick-Fil-A. Somehow I managed not to get any pictures of the kids but here's Kennedy and her birthday cookie. 
Thanks to everyone who made Kennedy's 5th birthday special! :)

McKinley - 9 Months - November 2013

Just couldn't help sharing these sweet pictures of my precious 9 month old baby :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Leaves - Fall 2013

As always, the kids were able to enjoy the couple of leaves that fall in our yard each fall... One of my favorite features of our yard are all the incredible trees we have. I even love all the fall colors and having the leaves to jump in. At least for the first week or two... :) We do love the trees, but it is a tremendous amount of work to rake and keep up with all these fabulous leaves!
 I couldn't capture a picture of all four kids together, but I thought both of these group shots were still pretty sweet. :)

 Full speed ahead!

 The kids are getting big enough to work with us, which is a tremendous help! Between jumping sessions they can help fill the bags Tim and I have raked into piles. They especially enjoy packing down the leaves by getting inside the bags. :)

 Daddy and his girls, even the littlest one, who enjoyed riding back and forth in the wagon as we hauled bags of leaves to the street.
We need to keep track of our total number of bags filled for the year, but our first haul was over 30 bags as well as the large Yard Waste container. Can't believe we'll be doing this again before very long, where has the summer gone? :)

Fall 2013 Visit from Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott

The primary reason Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott came to visit us last fall was for the girl's violin recital. Reagan and Kennedy did a great job and I think this is such a nice picture of them with their violin teacher, Ms. Bethany Watt. Thank you to Grammy for accompanying both girls on their recital pieces.
 Reagan (6 1/2 yrs old), Fall Violin Recital, "The Two Grenadiers" by R. Schumann
   Kennedy (almost 5 years old), 2013 Fall Violin Recital, "Allegro" by Suzuki
 Reagan and Aunt Arla before the violin recital
 Grammy, Kennedy, Reagan and Uncle Scott hard at work making bird seed ornaments for Great Grandma's seasonal Christmas tree.
 Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott gave Kennedy a very special Pandora bracelet with turtle charm for her 5th birthday. Thank you so much! :)

 Everyone LOVEs Luci! :)

We also enjoy and appreciate all the Packer gear Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott gave us for pre-Christmas celebration with them.

 One day we visited the Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) Planetarium with Aunt Arla and one of our homeschool co-ops. It was so much fun and we will definitely be headed back there again! 
 We also enjoyed a little leaf jumping with Aunt Arla :)
Thank you for coming to visit! We had a fabulous time and appreciate your coming to see us so much! We can't wait until your next visit! :)