Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Leaves - Fall 2013

As always, the kids were able to enjoy the couple of leaves that fall in our yard each fall... One of my favorite features of our yard are all the incredible trees we have. I even love all the fall colors and having the leaves to jump in. At least for the first week or two... :) We do love the trees, but it is a tremendous amount of work to rake and keep up with all these fabulous leaves!
 I couldn't capture a picture of all four kids together, but I thought both of these group shots were still pretty sweet. :)

 Full speed ahead!

 The kids are getting big enough to work with us, which is a tremendous help! Between jumping sessions they can help fill the bags Tim and I have raked into piles. They especially enjoy packing down the leaves by getting inside the bags. :)

 Daddy and his girls, even the littlest one, who enjoyed riding back and forth in the wagon as we hauled bags of leaves to the street.
We need to keep track of our total number of bags filled for the year, but our first haul was over 30 bags as well as the large Yard Waste container. Can't believe we'll be doing this again before very long, where has the summer gone? :)

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