Sunday, July 20, 2014

St. George's Island - October 2013 - Beach House and Pool

Besides the incredible location our beach house, Dream Chaser, had a pool and hot tub. I had no idea we would enjoy these so thoroughly! Especially with little guys in the house it was so nice to be able to let some kids hop in the pool while others napped etc. We were definitely spoiled and my kids are such water bugs I would definitely want a pool again another time! :)



Enjoying hot tub time with Grammy :)
 Jackson enjoyed hanging out at the beach house and playing Magna Tiles with Daddy throughout the week.
 Grammy fixed incredible meals all week long including these super yummy sticky buns! :)
 Grammy took the girls into town to get Reagan's ear's pierced and also bought fingernail polish so we could be beautiful. :)
McKinley is sure Grand-Dad's baby! :)

What a great week on the beach and at the beach house! We had tons of family fun everywhere! :)

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