Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Halloween Fun 2013

We had a Monster's University theme for Halloween this year. The idea was that Jackson would be Mike and Holden would be Sully. The big girls were all sorority girls and McKinley was Boo. Unfortunately Jackson decided he wasn't happy with the idea a little too late to change it. Here's the only picture I was able to capture of my 4 together at the BHLC Halloween party.
At least my sweet girls cooperated! Thanks so much to Grammy for making the fur skirts and feet and to Jordan and Rachel for doing all three girl's t-shirts. So cute! :)
 BHLC fun
 The girls sure do love Zoe! :)
 After the BHLC party our homeschool crew headed over to the nursing home to go Trick-Or-Treating. I'm including two pictures since Jackson refused to be in the bigger group photo op.

 Love my sweet little Boo and sure appreciated Miss Leanna keeping her busy while I struggled with Jackson. :)
 The three sorority girls 
 Sully and his not so happy little buddy Mike
 Does is it count as a group picture if we have Mike's costume?
 As well as Heidi and Holden our best neighborhood buddies the Veloudis' and Skinners' came to join our fun. Unfortunately the weather was so bad on Halloween they cancelled Trick-Or-Treating in Lexington. We decided to have an impromptu Halloween celebration at our house anyway and the following night everyone came back so we could Trick-Or-Treat together. :)

 Some of our Monster's University fun - thanks to Aunt Jolene for the molds

Happy Halloween baby! :)
 Second night and ready to get some candy! :)
 Most of our crew
The plus to the weather being bad was Aunt Arla, Uncle Scott, Grammy and Grand-Dad were able to participate in our festivities the second night. Such a sweet picture of Miss McKinley and Aunt Arla :)
 Part of Jackson's Mike issue was he decided he wanted to ride his dinosaur Grammy gave him shortly before Halloween. I have to admit this is pretty cute and fun, just didn't fit our theme! lol :)
 Holden was a fabulous Sully though! :)
 All the girls in our happy Halloween crew
 Thanks to everyone who helped make our Halloween so much fun!

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