Thursday, August 21, 2014

2014 State Violin Festival

After Reagan's Gymnastics State Meet Saturday morning we headed downtown to the State Violin Festival Saturday afternoon. This was Reagan's 3rd year and Kennedy's 1st year participating in the festival. A big thank you to Grammy who accompanyied both girls on their pieces.
 I LOVE this picture of Kennedy that Grand-Dad took. I really need to hang this beautiful picture of this sweet 5 year old up in our house.
 Both girls received a superior, which was the highest rating
 Kennedy was just a little excited about her superior rating - she couldn't stop hugging her certificate and comments.
Congratulations girls and thank you so much to our violin instructor, Ms. Bethany Watt! :)

2014 KY State Gymnastics Meet

The fourth weekend in March the Kentucky USAG State Championships were held at Legacy. All of Legacy's Level 2 team qualified for state. Here are three of the youngest (and cutest - but I may be a bit biased) of Legacy's team. :)
 Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott came in to town especially to support Reagan at her first state meet.
Grand-dad and Grammy were also there to cheer Reagan on. Grammy and Grand-dad were at all the meets and/or baby-sitting so Tim and I could both be at the meets. Thank you for all your support during our first gymnastics season! :)
 Proud Daddy and Mommy ready to cheer for one final Level 2 meet
 Warming up with Coach Dale 

Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties with the video for Reagan's bar routine. This was especially too bad because it was the first time Reagan scored above a 9.0 (I think she received a 9.1 - her first blue ribbon on bars). She was so excited she looked like she might burst. It was so cute and we were very proud of her! :)
Reagan's Beam Routine

Reagan's Floor Routine
 The girls talking to the judges before vault where Reagan placed 2nd - her highest placement during the State Meet. Here is the better of her two vaults .
 Reagan receiving her Silver Medal for vault at awards

 Reagan with two of her best gymnastics friends, Bella and Sena (who was State Champion for the 6 and under age group)
 Aunt Arla with Reagan and all her medals
Thank you to all the coaches at Legacy and all the family and friends who supported Reagan in her first competitive gymnastics season. Can't believe we're getting ready to begin the next one in a couple of months with Reagan on Level 3 and Kennedy on Level 2 this year. We're certainly wishing them, as well as all the girls at Legacy, a fabulous season!

Legacy Level 2 Pep Rally

The week before the Kentucky State Meet the parents held a surprise pep rally for the Level 2 Team girls. We somehow managed to keep it a complete surprise and they loved it! Here's a picture of most of the girls posing with Coach Dale.
Reagan with most of the "little" girls (who are also her best buddies)
 One of the parents made this incredible cake for the girls to celebrate with. If I remember correctly, he said there were over 4,000 chocolate balls and gumballs on the cake. It was incredible as well as delicious with each level being a different flavor!
Congratulations to all the Legacy girls for a great 2013/2014 season! :)

Tori's Birthday

In March we attended our first Frozen birthday party of the year. One of Reagan's best friends, Tori, had a beautiful Elsa cake to help celebrate the day. We had so much fun partying with Tori, thank you for inviting us!
 Jackson decided this spring that he "loved" Tori. Naturally since he was in love he needed to bring Tori roses for her birthday. :)
 My munchkins with the beautiful birthday girl
Thank you again for including us in your special day! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Sales

While we all do personal sales, our Girl Scout Troop has realized that as a homeschool group we have a great opportunity to sell cookies to college kids. We have taken advantage of this the last two years at UK and at Transylvania University. We send a group of girls to both universities (the campuses are both in downtown Lexington) around lunch time and sell between 300-400 boxes in 2-3 hours. It is amazing! College kids rock!!! :)
Here is our crew (or cookie parade?) heading out to sell cookies with a couple of wagons overflowing with these delicious treats! :)
   Here is the Transy crew - ready and open for business!
Younger siblings get to join in the "fun" cookie sales as well - these two are at least good buddies and in the same Classical Conversations class. :)
 Brothers making better use of the wagon...
 Cookie salesmen or cookie thieves??? Judging by the smiles I'm sure you correctly guessed the latter... :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

March Snow :)

As I said in a previous post, we received more than our usual amount of snow during the winter of 2013/2014 and I loved every minute! We received quite the dump of snow the beginning of March and had the opportunity to play in it with some of our best friends and neighbors. The kids had such a fabulous time! :) Here are the four big girls on a pile of snow cleared from our driveway. :)
How precious are these two sweet faces?
It's always helpful to have some extra adults around when you need a good push down the hill! :)

Sweet sisters

Our next door neighbor girls came by to play and share their snowboards too
They are such good sports helping out the kids
Love this cute face
Love this silly "Santa" eating snow right where her sled came to a rest
Such sweet sledding buddies
And these two are truly a pair! They are such good buddies and really know how to give each other the business. They crack me up! lol :)
Yummy snow! :)
or sweet? I'll let you decide which is the real Jackson. :)
Not sure what they are working on here so seriously...
Snow angels...

After snow angels these two little nuts decided to explore the swing set. Jackson had a great time breaking up the snow on the slide. :)

Working together to pick up a snow block.
McKinley enjoying her first icicle
The rest of these pictures are simply me having fun with my camera and one of my favorite subjects - my little snow baby was definitely "pretty in pink" in the snow! :)

Thanks to our friends for the super fun day in the snow! :)