Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hermie - 2013

There is always great excitement in our house when our elf, Hermie, appears for the month of December. Last Christmas Hermie had several new and fun ideas he had never tried before like wrapping our toilet one night! 
 One morning the kids discovered Hermie had left a gift. It turned out he had been paying attention to what we were studying and decided to bring them a Viking ship to build.

 Aunt Marta gave the girls Elf on the Shelf chef outfits and the girls thoroughly enjoyed wearing them to help bake some of our favorite Christmas treats. :)
Hermie must have felt inspired by the girls and his matching chef's hat because he decided to try his hand at cooking breakfast for the kids one morning. I personally thought this concoction of spaghetti, ketchup, cookies, popcorn balls, cheerios, M&Ms, marshmallows and more looked pretty disgusting, but not only were the kids excited about it they ate it!
Both Frosty (who sent back cotton candy snowballs) and Rudolph sent notes back with Hermie this year. Rudolph sent some small cute treats including a flashing read nose for Jackson.
  Hermie certainly didn't want us to forget the reason for the season so on Christmas Eve we found him in our Nativity scene presenting a gift to Jesus with a note telling the kids "God Loves You!"
 The kids are looking forward to seeing Hermie again in about a month for Jackson's birthday and it won't be long now before he's back for this Christmas season! :)  

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