Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

Our children are blessed beyond measure with all the people who love them and all the gifts they receive each year for Christmas. As I shared previously we celebrate an early Christmas with Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott when they visit us in November for the girl's violin recital.
This year Aunt Julie and Uncle Chuck brought Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa which the kids were more than happy to open and enjoy Thanksgiving weekend. I can't possibly post pictures of everything, but here are a few of my favorites of them opening up some of their gifts. 
Each of the girls received a box filled with numerous American Girl Doll accessories. You can tell by their faces that they're just a little excited. :)
Grandma gave each of the kids their very own 6 pack of Puffs - I cannot tell you how excited each of them were to receive these! lol :) 
  Jackson was in heaven with an arsenal of new guns (these are only a couple of them). :)
 McKinley certainly wasn't left out either! My favorite gift she received was this number flower garden - it is soooo cute! All the kids love playing with this and it is such a good learning toy!

 Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for all the wonderful gifts! We truly appreciate them and love you lots!
It has been our tradition for the last several years to open up Christmas gifts with Grammy and Grand-Dad on Christmas Eve morning. I was impressed with how well the kids cooperated in getting a group picture taken before opening gifts. :)
 Kennedy with Grammy and her new Molly doll and Reagan with her new doll, Kit
 Grammy and Grand-Dad gave McKinley her first American Girl Doll which was the doll of the year for 2013, Saige.

 McKinely enjoying a Godchild ornament for Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen
Jackson must not have been in the mood for pictures that morning because this is about the only decent picture Grand-Dad or I caught of him. At least it's a cute pic of all the kids with Grammy and Grand-Dad! :)
 Thank you Grammy and Grand-Dad for all the beautiful and amazing gifts and for all you do for us throughout the year!
And of course Santa may have brought the kids a couple of gifts. :) I once again tortured my crew with taking a pic with the presents before letting them opening their gifts. We especially had to get a picture since they were all wearing their super cool camouflage jammies from Grandma and Grandpa! :)
I have to tell one story about Jackson, especially given how excited he is in this picture. Jackson has come such a long way in loving McKinley since she was born and he refused to even be in the same room as her. Christmas morning he came down the stairs, walked straight past everything under the tree to come and love on her before he did anything else. It was so sweet! My children can certainly be a challenge at times, but they really do have good hearts when it comes to loving each other and other people. :)
Reagan sporting a new bike helmet while opening up doll furniture for the new dollhouse
Jackson's two favorite gifts were his Big Wheels and a new set of Disney Cars
 As has been our tradition for the other girls, McKinley received a Bitty Baby for from Santa for her 1st Christmas.
 Kennedy helping McKinley open and read a book from Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen
 We gave the grandparents Santa ornaments made from the kids handprints. I have to say they did turn out pretty cute and the girls sure were proud of their efforts!
Thank you to everyone for being so generous to our family. We feel so incredibly blessed each year by our wonderful family and friends and appreciate you more than you could possibly ever know! We are especially thankful to God for sending us His son that we might all have eternal life. That by far is the most important reason for all of us to celebrate and share the joy of this blessed season! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year as well! :)

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