Wednesday, August 13, 2014

McKinley's Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party

Since we frequently call McKinley "Minnie Mouse" we decided that would be an appropriate theme for her 1st birthday party. That, and of course our family just loves Mickey and Minnie and all their friends! :)
Look at this amazing cake my best friend and McKinley's godmother, Kelly, made for her to celebrate with. It was so super cute!!! :)
Our little Minnie Mouse and a pretty decent picture of our family at the party too! :)
  McKinley with her Godparents, Kelly and Charlie
McKinley received lots of love and attention from her grandmothers for her birthday
 Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Julie and Uncle Chuck came to celebrate McKinley's birthday with us.
 How sweet is this picture of McKinley laughing with Grandma and Grandpa?
 Grandma, McKinley and Aunt Julie
These two always take such great pictures together! I sure love them both! :)
  Everyone loves Uncle Chuck! :)
Such a good picture of Reagan and Grandpa! :) 
 Missy K being silly with Grandma...
 and sweet too... :)
 McKinley with Grammy meeting her new little buddy, Anna Leigh  
 These two definitely need to make a trip to Disney World together! :)
 McKinley enjoying her super cute and yummy cake! :)
 I can't believe how much fun McKinley had opening presents. She was a hoot! :)
 What more could a little girl want than a Minnie Mouse chair, a big friend like Chaz, and lots of presents and love? 
I'm not sure how we didn't manage to get a picture of all the kids at the party together. I'm sorry we missed pictures of Anna, Heidi, Holden, Ally, Cooper and Spencer but they were of course a big part of the fun! Thank you to everyone who helped to make McKinley's 1st birthday so special!

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