Wednesday, August 6, 2014

American Girl Dollhouse

Grammy and Grand-Dad gave (and built) an American Girl Dollhouse to the girls for Christmas. It took Grand-Dad several days of building along with help from Grammy in the painting and decorating department to put it all together. It is incredible and the girls love it! Thank you so much Grammy and Grand-dad for such an amazing gift! :)
 After Gran-Dad cut the pieces he labeled them and brought them into the house for Grammy to paint 
 Jackson decided he'd like to help with the building too :)
 First floor and back put together
 Adding color to the rooms
 Maybe it should be a dollhouse for McKinley instead?
 The completed product -  I wish I could get a better picture but it's so big it's hard to stand at an angle that allows a picture of the entire dollhouse.

 The top level has the tent, extra clothes that don't fit in the wardrobes and the gymnastics set
I'm not sure if the dining room or kitchen is my favorite room. They both turned out so beautifully!

 The living room
 The girls each have a bedroom for their dolls

 The schoolroom is pretty cool too

Even though they have a dollhouse now, Kit's Treehouse is still a popular hangout for our dolls
 Grooming and riding horses is lots of fun too!
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our collection of American Girl dolls. Reagan and Kennedy have spent hours enjoying everything you have given them and we truly appreciate it all! Thank you especially to Grammy and Grand-Dad for providing such a beautiful dollhouse which allows the girls to enjoy their dolls even more!

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