Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Sales

While we all do personal sales, our Girl Scout Troop has realized that as a homeschool group we have a great opportunity to sell cookies to college kids. We have taken advantage of this the last two years at UK and at Transylvania University. We send a group of girls to both universities (the campuses are both in downtown Lexington) around lunch time and sell between 300-400 boxes in 2-3 hours. It is amazing! College kids rock!!! :)
Here is our crew (or cookie parade?) heading out to sell cookies with a couple of wagons overflowing with these delicious treats! :)
   Here is the Transy crew - ready and open for business!
Younger siblings get to join in the "fun" cookie sales as well - these two are at least good buddies and in the same Classical Conversations class. :)
 Brothers making better use of the wagon...
 Cookie salesmen or cookie thieves??? Judging by the smiles I'm sure you correctly guessed the latter... :)

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