Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kennedy Ellen - 5 Years Old

I want to share a little bit about Kennedy at 5 before I continue our family posts. I wish I had shared this last fall, but in this case I definitely think it's better late than never! :)
At 5 years old Kennedy is certainly a sweet little girl. She is extremely helpful and has a special relationship with all three of her siblings as she is the peace maker in our house. As she frequently tells us, however, "I don't have a temper, but I am the stubborn one, right?" We noticed early on that while Missy K is our easiest child the majority of the time, once she makes up her mind to do (or not do) something there is absolutely no negotiating with her. She is one determined little nut! And speaking of nuts, she is a little goofball and certainly knows how to get herself into the silliest situations. If we're missing someone's clothes or their is a child without shoes, you can just about guarantee that of our four kiddos it will be our sweet Missy K. In the Fall of 2013 Kennedy was beginning her third year of violin instruction. We drive each other a little crazy with violin. :) When Kennedy is paying attention she does a fabulous job, but there are many days I wonder if she has ever seen a violin before, let alone remember how to play any pieces. And that is how reading with Miss Kennedy Ellen has gone as well. She was (and is) doing well and was ahead in terms of reading of most kids her age. Some days she did/does a phenomenal job reading, but as with violin there are days I wonder if she's ever seen a book before. Kennedy was also beginning her third year of gymnastics in the Fall of 2013. Gymnastics is Kennedy's favorite activity and she will not even consider giving it up. Like Reagan, these girls can't seem to get enough hours in the gym. :) Kennedy participated in both the Bluegrass Homeschool Learning Cooperative (BHLC) and was an Abecedarian student in our Classical Conversations homeschool group. As part of BHLC Kennedy was also a Girl Scout Daisy for her second year. She especially enjoys Girl Scouts because of her very favorite pal Zoe Womack who is one of the older girls in our troop. Kennedy has declared Zoe to be her big Big sister. There have been times when Kennedy is telling someone about our family and tells them all about Zoe but fails to mention one of her actual siblings. lol :) Because Kennedy is such an intelligent and determined little girl, with her head in the clouds she generally keeps all her coaches and teachers laughing where ever we go. She also has no volume control so if you're anywhere near you'll be sure to hear and enjoy her adorable munchkin voice. As Missy K continues to grow, I hope she realizes and remembers what a special little girl she is and how much we love her. We thank God each day for the tremendous blessing of having Kennedy in our lives! 

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