Monday, August 11, 2014

Indianapolis Children's Museum

In February we traveled to Indianapolis for the "Circle of the Stars" gymnastics meet for Reagan. We were able to see my cousin Daryl and his family who live there as well as Dan and Dorothy joining us from Lexington, Grammy from Tennessee, and Uncle David and Aunt Jolene from Michigan. We had a great trip which began at the Indianapolis Children's Museum Saturday morning. Here we are attempting to get a picture of the two grandma's with their 8 grandchildren as we entered the museum... :)
 Little archeologists in the making...

 My little dinosaurs doing their best to hatch an egg or two... :)

 McKinley having fun with Grammy
 Reagan and Jackson working with Grammy to put an Egyptian Sarcophagus back together
 Kennedy and Jackson helping (?) Grammy assemble Terracotta Soldiers
  Kennedy and Reagan completing their soldiers
 Oops, McKinley got mixed up in the Terracotta Soldier pieces...
 My little explorers as deep sea divers discovering buried treasure
 Sweet almost 7 year old cousins - they still look so little and sweet to me in this picture though! :)
 Because it was the Chinese New Year there were some special demonstrations and art activities the kids (and grandparents) enjoyed. Here we have four of our very own Terracotta Soldiers to take home with us! :)
 Jackson enjoying the construction zone
 McKinley taking a break with Great Uncle David while the big kids enjoy the museum
 Water play

 Reagan and Heidi climbing the rock wall
 Go, Heidi, go!
  Reagan almost to the top!
 She made it! :)
Thanks for such a super fun day everyone! :)

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