Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jackson's 2nd Birthday

We began Jackson's 2nd birthday with our family tradition of Krispy Kreme donuts. It's a good thing I know my son, however, because he refused to get out of bed for donuts and only came running after he heard there were also strawberries. lol :) This boy is fruit guy! He also enjoyed the strawberry/banana smoothies I made especially for him. We hadn't practiced at all, but he loved blowing out the candle on his donut. As a matter of fact, after numerous tries, I finally had to ask Tim to light it so I could get a picture because he literally blew it out and laughed hysterically the second  I lit the candle every time. As you can see from the pictures below I believe he enjoyed his birthday breakfast. :) 

Can't believe I got everyone to look at the camera at the same time! :)
Our first experiene with "cotton candy" donuts
Donuts are almost as good as strawberries :)
Jackson did not want to open his presents. Little dictator that he is he insisted Reagan and Kennedy open them for him while he supervised... The girls were of course only too happy to oblige.
All we gave him was cars (both Matchbox and Disney Cars) and I love the expressions I caught of him seeing the cars. He gets so excited everytime he sees/receives a new car and it is so darn cute and sweet! I really need to capture it on video tape because it's pretty funny too. :)

Grand-Dad had just returned from  his Alaska trip with Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen but he came up to celebrate Jackson's birthday and help with some appointments. I have to give him the credit for all the following pictures because I forgot my camera at home when we met Uncle Dan, Aunt Dorothy, Heidi and Holden for our Chick-Fil-A family tradition for dinner Monday evening.
These two were so cute rolling the ball to each other
Three sweet girls with their ice cream
When we finished with the girls picture Holden wanted to know about the boys picture. I really did want one but Jackson refused to cooperate. That being the case I asked Dad to take a picture of Holden and the empty chair with Jackson's birthday ice cream next to Holden. How precious is that smile?
Heidi had to head to dance and Reagan to gymnastics after our birthday celebrations. I love these pictures that Grand-Dad caught of the two of them before they left. They sure do love each other!

The younger three stayed behind to enjoy some more fun at the playland.
A happy birthday boy enjoying the slide :) 
I can't believe Jackson can already be 2! He can be such a sweet heart but he can be one ornery little critter too. The world is pretty black and white from his perspective. He likes it or he doesn't, period. He is talking but he doesn't have a wide vocabulary yet. He spends a lot of time jabbering while he is playing but it's not neccessarily anything we undrestand. While he enjoys playing with his sisters he is quite content and just as happy to play on his own. I think he may end up being a bit of a loner like his father. He knows his body parts, some colors and can sing parts of his ABCs although I don't know that he recognizes any letters or numbers consistently yet. I don't know if it's the difference between boy vs girl or 1st vs 3rd child, but he doesn't seem as interested in learning those sorts of things - at least not as much as the girls. He does love all things car and train. He can't get enough of those activities/games! He does enjoy listening to books especially if they are about cars, trucks or trains. He cracks me up, however, with the science books in particular that I read with the girls because he insists on being a party of that activity and will say "Let me see! Let me see!" He then insists that you turn the book entirely towards him. He opens his eyes as wide as he can, gets as close to the pictures as he can and acts like whatever animal (most recently invertebrates) we're reading about are the most fascinating topic he's ever heard of. He totally cracks us up which is why I'm sure he continues this game, if you will. We do love you Mr. Jackson and look forward to seeing how you continue to grow and develop! There is never a dull a moment with you around and we wouldn't trade you for the world!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Touch A Truck - 2012

The end of August we went to the Touch A Truck charity event here in Lexington with Uncle Dan, Aunt Dorothy, Heidi and Holden. Last year we waited to do the hot air balloon and then missed out because the wind got to strong. That was a major dissapointement to Miss Reagan so we made sure to head there first this year. It's a good thing we did because when we found Heidi later and headed back to do it again it was down. Sure glad we didn't make that mistake twice! The kids all had a great time walking, rolling and exploring the inside of the balloon.

 Next we headed over to get faces painted because we knew from last year that that line would get incredibly long. On the way we ran into Ronald McDonald. He was quite friendly and I wasn't sure he was ever going to let us get away! lol :)
 I can't believe Jackson, Mr. Anti-Social in the flesh, let Ronald help into the car. I also need to point out the medals around Jackson's neck. We're not sure if he's become fascinated with medals because of Tim's work badges or what, but he loves to wear medals anywhere, anytime and as many as he can locate. :)
 Working hard to honk the horn
 Ronald McDonald teaching the girls a magic trick
 The ever favorite face painting. I have to say, however, we'll probably avoid this in the future given the length of time this takes. Especially if it's anywhere near a Super Saturday given how much more elaborate those designs were and literally took a fraction of the time for those face painters to accomplish. The girls were happy though and that's what's most important! :) 

 The even took place at Keeneland so there were of course some horses to view/pet as well as trucks.
 Three future truck drivers?
 You can just barely see Jackson, my future crane operator, peering over the edge

 My two little fillies in a horse trailer
 Jackson driving a tractor. I love his face in this picture. Can't you just hear the accompanying tractor sounds he's making?
We still had a good time this year, but it was so much hotter than last year that we didn't stay as long as before. We also weren't sure they had quite as many trucks this year. It was still a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with our best buds Heidi and Holden and it's always great to support a good cause!

Kentucky State Fair

The end of August one of my old highschool friends,Greg, came to Kentucky for our State Fair. We decided to go over to Louisville one day to visit him as well as enjoy the fair. I don't think we had ever taken the kids to a fair before and I've only ever been to county fairs. I have to say it was pretty impressive and we had a great time. I think we'll have to go back again in the future!
When we first got there they had this amazing balloon display. Each day they were making a new creation that had to do with air travel. I wish I had taken a picture that included more because there was a space ship blasting off as well as a hot air balloon that were both quite impressive. I believe Reagan is posting with Amelia Earhart. 
 Next we visited a booth that represented KY beef. There were a number of games and activities that the kids enjoyed hear including pretending to be little farmers. :)

 This little dragon was so cool and funny! It spoke to you and interacted (moved, talked, asked and answered questions) with the kids while discussing water safety. All the children thought it was great and I think most of the adults were getting a pretty big kick out of it as well.
 Jackson thought this mini police car was pretty cool
 Before heading to the fairway we also enjoyed seeing some livestock including cows and an awesome exhibit where baby chicks were hatching. It was so neat to watch the eggs crack and make their way out of the shells. I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures, but it wasn't the easiest thing to take a picture of and I was busy holding kids so they could watch the chicks hatch.
One of our first stops on the fairway was for cotton candy!!! We of course had to purchase the MONSTER bag! :) 
 Reagan loves her cotton candy! :)
 Jackson loved the cotton candy but not the mess which is what he is saying here "Mess, mess, mess." lol :)
 Silly Missy K enjoyed her cotton candy just a little bit too. :)
 Happy again and shouting "candy!!!"
 Time for some rides! :)

 While Kennedy and Jackson enjoyed the carousel Greg volunteered to take Reagan over to the swings for a final ride.

 It was plenty hot so we decided to get some fun slushes. You purchased the large cup and then made your own selection of the mix you wanted. Both girls (me too if I'm being honest) thought this was pretty cool and we all enjoyed this cold treat!

What a super fun day! Definitely something we'll have to do again! And as always it's great catching up with old friends! :)