Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Touch A Truck - 2012

The end of August we went to the Touch A Truck charity event here in Lexington with Uncle Dan, Aunt Dorothy, Heidi and Holden. Last year we waited to do the hot air balloon and then missed out because the wind got to strong. That was a major dissapointement to Miss Reagan so we made sure to head there first this year. It's a good thing we did because when we found Heidi later and headed back to do it again it was down. Sure glad we didn't make that mistake twice! The kids all had a great time walking, rolling and exploring the inside of the balloon.

 Next we headed over to get faces painted because we knew from last year that that line would get incredibly long. On the way we ran into Ronald McDonald. He was quite friendly and I wasn't sure he was ever going to let us get away! lol :)
 I can't believe Jackson, Mr. Anti-Social in the flesh, let Ronald help into the car. I also need to point out the medals around Jackson's neck. We're not sure if he's become fascinated with medals because of Tim's work badges or what, but he loves to wear medals anywhere, anytime and as many as he can locate. :)
 Working hard to honk the horn
 Ronald McDonald teaching the girls a magic trick
 The ever favorite face painting. I have to say, however, we'll probably avoid this in the future given the length of time this takes. Especially if it's anywhere near a Super Saturday given how much more elaborate those designs were and literally took a fraction of the time for those face painters to accomplish. The girls were happy though and that's what's most important! :) 

 The even took place at Keeneland so there were of course some horses to view/pet as well as trucks.
 Three future truck drivers?
 You can just barely see Jackson, my future crane operator, peering over the edge

 My two little fillies in a horse trailer
 Jackson driving a tractor. I love his face in this picture. Can't you just hear the accompanying tractor sounds he's making?
We still had a good time this year, but it was so much hotter than last year that we didn't stay as long as before. We also weren't sure they had quite as many trucks this year. It was still a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with our best buds Heidi and Holden and it's always great to support a good cause!

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