Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kentucky State Fair

The end of August one of my old highschool friends,Greg, came to Kentucky for our State Fair. We decided to go over to Louisville one day to visit him as well as enjoy the fair. I don't think we had ever taken the kids to a fair before and I've only ever been to county fairs. I have to say it was pretty impressive and we had a great time. I think we'll have to go back again in the future!
When we first got there they had this amazing balloon display. Each day they were making a new creation that had to do with air travel. I wish I had taken a picture that included more because there was a space ship blasting off as well as a hot air balloon that were both quite impressive. I believe Reagan is posting with Amelia Earhart. 
 Next we visited a booth that represented KY beef. There were a number of games and activities that the kids enjoyed hear including pretending to be little farmers. :)

 This little dragon was so cool and funny! It spoke to you and interacted (moved, talked, asked and answered questions) with the kids while discussing water safety. All the children thought it was great and I think most of the adults were getting a pretty big kick out of it as well.
 Jackson thought this mini police car was pretty cool
 Before heading to the fairway we also enjoyed seeing some livestock including cows and an awesome exhibit where baby chicks were hatching. It was so neat to watch the eggs crack and make their way out of the shells. I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures, but it wasn't the easiest thing to take a picture of and I was busy holding kids so they could watch the chicks hatch.
One of our first stops on the fairway was for cotton candy!!! We of course had to purchase the MONSTER bag! :) 
 Reagan loves her cotton candy! :)
 Jackson loved the cotton candy but not the mess which is what he is saying here "Mess, mess, mess." lol :)
 Silly Missy K enjoyed her cotton candy just a little bit too. :)
 Happy again and shouting "candy!!!"
 Time for some rides! :)

 While Kennedy and Jackson enjoyed the carousel Greg volunteered to take Reagan over to the swings for a final ride.

 It was plenty hot so we decided to get some fun slushes. You purchased the large cup and then made your own selection of the mix you wanted. Both girls (me too if I'm being honest) thought this was pretty cool and we all enjoyed this cold treat!

What a super fun day! Definitely something we'll have to do again! And as always it's great catching up with old friends! :)

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