Sunday, July 20, 2014

St. George's Island - October 2013 - Wildlife

 One of the highlights of the week for all of us were the number of dolphins we saw. This was my third trip to St. George's Island and each time I've been the number of dolphin sightings and proximity to the beach has been amazing! They are so much fun to watch especially when they're jumping and putting on a fabulous show! :)

Every night the beaches came alive with crabs. We had lots of fun trying to capture them as they ran along the water's edge. This is biggest guy we managed to catch and it was so appropriate that Jackson was wearing his "crabby" jammies that evening. :)
 The kids favorite wildlife of the trip was most assuredly the frogs that appeared all around our beach house and pool each night. No idea how many of these cute little guys we tortured played with during our week at the beach.

 Kissing frogs :)

It was the end of the sea turtle hatching season so we had really hoped to see some of those too, but unfortunately we didn't get quite that lucky. Maybe next time! :)
One encounter we didn't plan or necessarily want was with a large (I would guess about 6ft) shark one afternoon at the beach. I was so close I could have reached out and touched it had I not been both shocked and panicked to see it appear in front of me. Luckily it wanted to get away from us as much as we wanted to get away from him! :)

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