Monday, September 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Unfortunately we were not able to spend Father's Day with Grand-Dad or Daddy this year since we were in Wisconsin and they weren't. :( We were able to enjoy a beautiful day with a couple of uncles, however, and certainly sent our wishes to the special dads in our lives! After church Jackson decided to check out Uncle Randy's new motorcycle.
 Back at the farm he put on his new Thomas boots and headed out to the barn

 Reagan needed to have a discussion with Uncle Phil on this cow's misbehavoir and why she's not allowed outside with the rest of his cows.
 Reagan rode out with Uncle Phil to herd the cows back to the barn for evening milking
 Kennedy decided she trusted Aunt Dee's 4-wheeler driving more than Uncle Phil's...
Somehow these two little wild and crazies ended up in the pool with their clothes on!
My cousin Julie along with her family and parents, my Aunt Carla and Uncle Pete, came by in the afternoon to visit. Here are Kennedy and Amber checking out the Explorer and iXL games together.
 As you can see from these pictures, Seth was having a wonderful time with his father and grandpa

 Aunt Carla with two of her cute grandkids
 That evening before bed everyone decided they needed to sit on Great Grandma's lap, at the same time. It's a good thing we have a very sweet and patient Great Grandma! :)

Thank you everyone for another super fun day! :)

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