Monday, September 17, 2012

Wisconsin - June 2012

In June we traveled with Grammy to central Wisconsin to spend a week on the farm. We had a fantastic time, as always, and I believe most of the pictures in this first post were taken by 10:00 the first morning we were up there. It was a full out and super busy week! :) Reagan headed straight out to the barn to help Uncle Phil spread manure and feed the cows as soon as she heard his tractor going.

Having fun with Uncle Phil in the haymow

Before Reagan would let Uncle Phil get back to work she insisted on some quality 4-wheeler time :)

Meanwhile, Jackson spotted a couple of guinea hens running around the farm and had a wonderful time trying to catch up with them.

It was a little rainy that first morning so Kennedy had a good time playing with umbrellas while Reagan helped out around the farm. It is afterall imperative to stay dry after/while playing in the pool Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott set up for the kids to enjoy during the week... 
Jackson discovered Great Grandma's stash of Girl Scout cookies and had a wonderful time running between the kitchen to get a new cookie and the pool to dunk his cookies in. What a goof ball! lol :)

Peek-A-Boo! :)
Back inside, Jackson quickly layed claim to Great Grandma's stash of trucks and a particular seat by the window where he could easily play with them and see the tractor and other vehicles go by. This was his spot the entire week we were there and he was quick to try and push anyone else out of the seat if they should be so bold as to attempt to sit there in the first place...
Kennedy showing off her extreme intelligence with some plastic packaging from a gift Aunt Arla brought...
Aunt Arla and Grammy got busy redecorating Great Grandma's seasonal tree for the 4th of July 
As you can see it was a busy and super fun morning to begin our week in Wisconsin!

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