Sunday, September 30, 2012

July Tennessee Visits

Besides Gatlinburg we had plenty of fun in Cookeville with our friends during our July visit. We spent one day playing with Anna and Chaz at their house and in their pool.

 Our three beauty queens?
 Jackson getting into Chaz's boy squinkies
 Exactly how many bowls of cereal does a baby need? Apprently if you're at Grammy's house at least four...
 Anna and Chaz came up to play on the slip and slide and have a waterballoon fight one afternoon at Grammy's house.

We spent one evening visiting the Sligers. Aunt Marta brought Thomas toys out (Jackson was in heaven) and when we weren't watching he managed to climb into this shelving unit. It was pretty funny, especially when he realized he was stuck and couldn't figure out how to get out. 
The girls playing playdough with Haley
Aunt Marta and Uncle Van set up two sprinklers for the kids to run through

Jackson enjoyed borrowing Lucy's car
Matthew spinning the girls in the infamous chair before we left
Grammy treated the girls to manicures and pedicures after taking everyone out to donuts one morning.

Thank you everyone for all the fun! It was a great 4th of July week in Tennessee!

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  1. I would have fun getting those cute little bathing suits off