Friday, September 7, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Reagan became interested in taking swimming lessons some time last spring. After looking around a bit we decided on the Parks and Recreation program since we could also get pool passes so Jackson could swim while the girls had their lessons (bless his heart he spends so much time waiting on the girl's various activities). It also worked out well since it was the first time either girl had taken swim lessons so they were in the same beginners class. These are various picturesI took throughout their two week course.

 The first week the water was freezing and Jackson wasn't happy in or out of it!
 Getting to the deeper water

 On the last day of their lessons the girls had the opportunity had the chance to jump off the diving board and Reagan went right off! 

 Kennedy was a bit of a different story...
 Despite Miss Erica telling her not to lie down and go off like this she did it anyway and ended up basically being pulled off the board... 

 I don't know why she wanted to go again, but it wasn't much better the second time...

 How on earth did she get into this pose?
 They also both got to try the water slide the last day and both girls loved it!

Unfortunately our summer schedule only allowed us to take one session of swimming lessons, but the girls loved it and we're looking forward to more lessons next summer! :)

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  1. As you probably know, their cousins have been taking lessons for some time.