Sunday, June 16, 2013

Candy Mountain Music - May 2013

One beautiful May day we met some other homeschoolers to enjoy a morning of music with Candy Mountain Music ( at Waveland State Historic Site ( here in Lexington. It was so much fun! I really hope we can participate in some more of the Candy Mountain Music programs in the Fall because Ms. Sarah was wonderful!
So many fun things to explore! 

 Jackson had such a great time discovering how to play all the different instruments
  Kennedy was so serious about the song she was playing. She had the hardest time stopping when it was time to put the instruments away. Ms. Sarah told her how important it was that Kennedy finish playing and she could get the instruments back out at the end of class. I think Kennedy would have forgotten about it, but Ms. Sarah remembered and Missy K was able to finish her piece after the class ended. :)
 There was a lot of movement with this class too which was wonderful and so much fun! :)
 My sweet little McKinley slept through all the beautiful music :)
Our friend Maura is super talented as she plays music with her feet as well as hands while singing!
Meanwhile Reagan was demonstrating her extreme intelligence...
 So cute catching bubbles with the duck puppet 
 After we left Waveland we met our Classical Conversations group for a play date at Woodland playground. It was such a gorgeous day and so nice to have multiple excuses to enjoy the great outdoors with friends! :)

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