Monday, June 17, 2013

Making a Roman Mosaic

As part of our Story of the World work we spent a good bit of time studying Rome (Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Augustus Caesar, Nero, Diocletian). We read about mosaics and one of the recommended art activities was to make our own mosaic.  
 Thank you to Grand-dad for helping us out on this activity!
 Working hard

 The two finished products. We had a cross for Jackson to work on as well but he just wanted to carry the caulk gun around and play with cars. I thought for sure he would be interested in joining us in this activity, but it was probably just as well that he wasn't since the caulk was a little messy.
The girls both enjoyed this activity and it's probably the first art project we've made this year that they were both adamant about keeping and displaying in their rooms. They were both quite proud of their work! Thanks again to Grand-dad for cutting out the crosses and helping us get started with the caulk! :)