Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Waveland Park - Group Violin Lesson

For our first group violin lesson of the semester Miss Bethany had us meet at Waveland State Park. The kids enjoyed playing their violins outdoors and then having the opportunity to play with each other afterwards.

 Jackson brought his new kite from Uncle Van and Aunt Marta to try out.

 Looks like it was a hit! :) 

 Tim pretending to fall asleep mid swing. The kids loved this! lol :)
 Miss McKinley enjoyed her swing time too. :) 
 Every time we come here I think this little log house (complete with fireplace inside) is absolutely adorable! All the kids think its pretty cool too! :)
 Tim was such a good sport playing the part of the ogre for the kids.

 Sweet girls :)
Reagan said she would like all our practices to be at Waveland from now on! :)

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