Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lockheed Company Party

One weekend in September Lockheed Martin, where Tim works, had a company party at Bluegrass Station which is just outside of Lexington. They had many forms of entertainment including numerous bounce houses and music as well as tons of ice cream treats, popcorn, cotton candy and the like and the also served a really good dinner. The kids had a fabulous time! Here they are in line and going through the obstacle course.

 Cotton Candy - Round 1
 Probably the biggest excitement for the day was the zip line. Neither of the girls had done it before and they both loved it! They both hoped right up and didn't have a moments hesitation jumping off and zipping down. :) Here they are getting ready for their first turn. 
 Getting suited up and ready to go
  Kennedy went first
 Quickly followed by Reagan

 After cotton candy, popcorn and some semi-nutritional dinner it was definitely time for an ice cream dessert! :) 
 After dinner and more bouncing the girls decided they would like to have another turn on the zip line
 The night ended with an incredible fireworks display which all four of the kids enjoyed 

 We're looking forward to the company picnic next year and hope they have the zip line again! :)

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