Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Monk's Supper - Lentil Soup

To finish off our week of studying monks there was a suggestion of preparing a monk's supper. We began by preparing the recommended (and delicious) Lentil Soup. We began by chopping up onions, carrots and celery and then adding garlic, oregano and basil. How beautiful are these veggies?
 After the veggies had cooked for a bit we added lentils, water and crushed tomatoes.
 After letting it simmer for an hour (or more) we added vinegar and spinach along with salt and pepper to taste. This was so delicious!
 We followed the recommendation of adding crusty bread (thank you Trader Joe's), cheddar cheese and sliced apples along with water to drink.
 The kids fixing their plates.

This was such a yummy supper! Tim thought it was too fancy for a monk's dinner. I have to admit it was significantly better than I thought it would be and my kids definitely don't view cheese and apples as a hardship! :) We'll be eating like monk's again in the future for sure! :)

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