Friday, October 4, 2013

Dragons - Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus

It just so happened that the weekend of Jackson's birthday the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey "Dragon" Circus was in Lexington. We sure couldn't have planned that better if we'd tried given Jackson's birthday theme! Grammy and Grand-Dad decided to treat us to some fabulous seats and we had an amazing time!
Before the show began Grand-Dad captured this picture of me with my little leopard girls (you can see the shoulder and hand of my uncooperative picture taking son in the bottom left hand corner of the picture). Thank you so much Grammy and Grand-Dad for such a fun afternoon!
 The cutest clown around ready for the show to begin with a special clown snow cone from Grammy
 Reagan and Jackson enjoying cheese pizza and clown snow cones too :)
 My littlest munchkins with Grand-Dad and Grammy and ready for their first time to the "Greatest Show on Earth!"
 The Dragon Circus Ringmaster 
 All the acrobatics and animals were incredible! As always Grand-Dad took some great pictures! Here are a few of my favorite.
 We saw some amazing talent! This person started 20 ft (or more) back from this ring of swords and fire before running blindfolded towards it and leaping through. Unbelievable!
 The Dragon
 Enraptured kiddos enjoying the show!
 Jackson was feeling a bit under the weather but he still enjoyed snuggling with Grammy and watching the circus. His favorite part was seeing the Dragon breath fire.
  Grammy gave Jackson this Dragon sword which was (and still is) a huge hit!
 Jackson sharing his sword with McKinley
 McKinley liked Jackson's Dragon Sword too! :)

 Our attempt at a group photo... At least the adults are looking at the camera and smiling. lol :)
Thank you Grammy and Grand-Dad for taking us to the circus! You definitely made Jackson's birthday celebrations even more special! The show was fabulous and it was so much fun sharing the experience with you!!! :)

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