Friday, October 4, 2013

Jackson's Birthday Gifts

Jackson's primary gift for his birthday this year was the Imaginext castle, dragon, ogre and accompanying accessories. He received most of it from us and Grammy & Grand-Dad. He also received the knight and wolf set from Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen. Thank you so much to the LaBars for their generous contributions to this new collection! 
Jackson is enjoying opening gifts more than he used too but he still enlists the girls to help him which they are more than happy to do! :)
 A pretty excited birthday boy about his new castle!
  This castle is so awesome because it recognizes the dragon, ogre and other various accessories. For instance when the dragon flies by knights begin shouting "Dragon!" or "Stay away from it's mouth!" or "Ogre, it's an Ogre!!!" It is super cool and we've all been enjoying it. :) I would highly recommend it for any little boys who like knights and castles.
 The dragon's first victim!
 The Hamlins gave Jackson a bag of Cars gifts that he loved! He now sleeps with this Cars blanket every night.
 A Cars movie and coloring/sticker book too! :)
 The Sligers sent Jackson a huge package with lots of fun things! Jackson was so excited to open his big package that was expecially for him! 

 Jackson was excited about everything (and the girls were pretty excited about the tether ball set) but Jackson's favorite (as you can see from his face) was the new horse for his knights! 
 Thank you also to Uncle Chuck and Aunt Julie who gave Jackson a gun when they visited in August and to Grandma and Grandpa for the card and generous gift of money. Increasing the college fund is always EXTREMELY appreciated!
I hope we didn't miss anyone as we appreciated everything very much! We are especially thankful to all of you for making Jackson feel so special through gifts, phone calls or e-mails and Facebook messages! Thank you everybody for all your birthday wishes for our big 3 year old boy!

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