Thursday, October 10, 2013

Galaxy Play Dough

We spent the month of September studying space. One of the fun activities we did was make Galaxy Play Dough. I found this idea on Pinterest a year or more ago and had been waiting until we did a space unit to make it with the kids. You use a basic play dough recipe with black food coloring and then add glitter for the stars. So much fun!
 We had our friend, Addison, over the afternoon we were adding glitter to our Galaxy Play Dough (I decided to mix up the black ahead of time although I generally let the kids help me with that).
 Missy K was at gymnastics when the rest of us were working on mixing up the play dough, but she really wanted to add some stars (glitter) too so we let her mix up a bit after bath time.
 Here is what the finished product looks like. How cool is this?!?!? 
 The kids love play dough in general (I'm usually the stick in the mud that doesn't necessarily want to pull everything out) so as you can imagine this play dough was a big hit throughout the month.
 Jackson cutting out stars in the Galaxy

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