Thursday, October 10, 2013

Earth Art Project

During our study of space we did an art project of Earth using shaving cream and paint. It was quite simple, lots of fun, and turned out so well!
To begin all you need is a can of shaving cream, blue and green paint, toothpicks, white circles (heavier paper such as cardstock), a cake tin (or equivalent to hold the shaving cream), and ruler (or something with a sharp{ish} edge).
 You begin by spraying and spreading your shaving cream around in your container of choice.
 Squirt your paint in any quantity and pattern you desire.
 Take a toothpick and mix your paint around. You can mix as much as you like, but it does work a little better to leave some white and not mix the colors together completely.
Shaving cream after mixing
 Once your colors are satisfactorily mixed with the shaving cream you place a white circle on top of the paint and press down. We discovered you do need to press down sufficiently to guarantee the entire circle picks up paint. Otherwise you end up with blank spaces that are not as pretty when the project is complete.
 After you have placed your circles in the shaving cream and paint you need to let it dry for a few minutes. 
 Finally you take a ruler and scrape (not too hard!) the excess shaving cream off the circles and here is what you can expect from your finished Earth!
 I loved how well this turned out and highly recommend this art project. The only thing I did was cut out the circles (thank you Creative Memories circle cutters) and scrape off the shaving cream. It is a super kid friendly project and turns out basically no matter what you/they do! Here are the girls with their Earths.
Thanks again Pinterest! If you're interested in more details, here is my original source: .
In other news... While the big kids were doing this project Tim was feeding McKinley. Things don't usually get quite this messy, but Tim joked I needed to take a picture and title it "What I look like when Daddy feeds me..." Poor Daddy! lol :)

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