Sunday, December 8, 2013

Solar System Studies - Constellations - Fall 2013

During our solar system studies we also learned about stars. The girls especially enjoyed reading about constellations that corresponded to mythology we have read previously with Story of the World. One activity we did was create constellation cards. I looked on line for pictures of constellations and cut them out and placed them on cardstock. 
 Next I used two different size hole punches to create the stars
Finally we turned off the lights and used the flashlight to project the constellations on the wall

 So cool! This was fun for the kids simply because all kids love to play with flashlights add the cards and a great project is born! :)
 For our study on stars I discovered "Cosmic Star" cereal at the grocery store. Since then it has become a household favorite. So cute! :) 
This fall through CC the kids have also learned about five types of stars; giant, dwarf, variable, nova and neutron. We also learned that the sun is a star and some of the different parts of the sun include the core, radiative zone, convective zone, sunspots, photosphere, solar flare and corona. We checked out multiple books from the library (including "The Magic School Bus") and also used our Usborne Science Encyclopedia to learn more about the sun and stars in general.

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