Sunday, December 15, 2013

Solar System Studies - Rockets in the Park - Fall 2013

Another beautiful afternoon after Classical Conversations we headed to the ball field again where two dads had built a couple of launch pads for the kids to launch rockets. I have to admit I was a bad mom and we didn't create any creative rockets. I also have to give credit to some of the other parents who helped their kids build some super cool rockets. Regardless of how the rockets looked they kids (and adults) all had a lot of fun! 
 Look at all those excited little faces!
 Kennedy getting ready for her turn
 After the dad's pumped up the launch pad to build pressure the kids pulled a string releasing the rocket into the air spewing water everywhere. So much fun! :)
 Jackson's turn
 The kids had a great time chasing after their rockets after they landed
 Reagan's turn

 Ms. Jeannette kept up with Miss McKinley while I was taking pictures for the group
 Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the day - love these faces! :)


What a fun project and learning opportunity! Thanks to the dads and teachers who made this project possible! We do love our CC group!


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    1. Thanks Uncle Martin! :) You all are too kind. I just felt bad that we didn't get around to being creative since the kids would have had fun painting a "special" rocket. It was still a lot of fun though! :)