Saturday, May 4, 2013

DC Friends - 2012

We enjoyed reconnecting with DC friends throughout the week. Here are some of my favorite pictures from various visits throughout the week. Sorry we didn't get pictures of some of our encounters and even sorrier we missed a couple of friends. We'll catch you all next time!
We went out to dinner one evening with our friends Kim and Nathan. They were amazing friends while we lived in DC and even let Tim live with them during a month when we were transitioning to Kentucky. It was so nice to see them again!

 One morning we got together with a couple of good friends who I worked with. One of them are also good homeschooling buddies that I enjoy trading ideas with. I don't know what we would do without Ms. Mo'mina! Sure wish we lived closer so we could do things together on a regular basis! We worked together at a daycare and now it looks like the three of us could open a daycare with all our kids! How cute are all these kiddos? It was so awesome getting to see them especially since 3 of the boys had been born since we moved and we had never met. We had a blast playing and miss these guys so much!!!
 These guys would obviously be best buddies if we lived closer together. What more can little boys ask for than a bunch of trucks and trains to play with?

 Our last evening in town we were able to catch up with our friends the Montantes. We were also able to enjoy their beautiful new home! Wish I had captured more pictures of the kids, but didn't think to get my camera out until we were walking out the door (literally as you can see my three all have coats on). 
 Thank you to everyone for making our visit to DC even more fun! We miss you all and we're going to have to get back sooner than the last time to see you all again! In the meantime we'd love to have any of you come and visit us in Kentucky!

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