Saturday, May 4, 2013

National Zoo

We had such a great day at the National Zoo! The animals could not have been more entertaining! The weather was awesome for the end of November/beginning of December too which always helps with any zoo experience. :) The pandas are obviously at the top of the agenda for any visit to the National Zoo. This particular day they were extremely active and especially fun to watch.
 This was the first time we visited the bird house at the National Zoo, but all the kids enjoyed it especially since we saw/participated in a feeding. Having said that, Jackson is my bird and fish guy. The girls really don't care but he has always been much more interested them. And as you can see this Rhea was interested in Jackson too! :) 
 The cheetahs were also very active and walking around and chirping
The National Zoo has been working on a new elephant enclosure since before we left DC. They have completed one section, which we were able to enjoy, but are continuing their improvements. Since Reagan had a very loose first tooth we learned all about the elephants teeth as well as the care of them from one of the zookeepers.
 We also learned all about elephant poop which is part of the new exhibit. Here Reagan and Jackson are checking out an example of elephant dung and what zookeppers and scientists can learn from it.
Carousel rides appear to have become a part of all our zoo visits :) 

The orangutans at the National Zoo have the freedom to travel to a couple different enclosures by working their way across ropes overhead. We were lucky enough to see a couple of them doing this. They are a lot of fun to watch! It was especially neat since we had just seen the 3-D IMAX film "Born To Be Wild" which included oraguntans the day before. 
 We ran across this little snake on our way out of the zoo. Jackson was by far the most excited about it as the girls aren't quite sure they're snake fans. :)

As you can see we had a great day at the National Zoo! :)

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  1. Pandas, orangutans, elephants, and poop, oh my.