Saturday, May 4, 2013

DC Hotel Fun - 2012

The big news in DC was Reagan lost her first tooth!
 Reagan placing her tooth (and a note requesting the tooth fairy leave her tooth) under her pillow
 Jackson waking Missy Reagan up with a kiss - so love it when my kids are so sweet to each other! :)
 A very happy girl to find both money and her tooth under her pillow
 As always the pool was lots of fun! It was an especially nice way to unwind with Daddy in the evenings.

 Tim had studying to do in the evenings and Jackson was quite helpful by sharing his own perspective and notes.
 The girls would ride escalators all day long if they could. The Metro one closest to our hotel was CRAZY long! Because of the stroller we didn't get to ride it often during the week (the elevator was for us) but Daddy was able to help us a couple of times so the girls had the opportunity to enjoy this attraction as well.

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