Sunday, May 5, 2013

Snow Play in Wisconsin - 2012

There was a blizzard the day we got to Wisconsin (actually it started as we were driving thru the night - we left early to try and get there ahead of it). It left tons of snow behind that provided many hours of fun for my munchkins during our week in Wisconsin. Here they are out on the first day enjoying icicles together.
 Here are 16 of 19 great-grandchildren playing in the snow together at the Carlson Christmas celebration. Love another generation of Carlson cousins making memories together! :)
 The Carlsons know how to play in the snow! There were a couple of 4-wheelers going to provide rides in the sleds.
 The 5 year olds (there are about 2 months difference of oldest to youngest between these three)
 The Schwantes 5 and 7 year olds
 Missy K, Haydn, Kiara and Reagan
 The Schwantes 4 year olds
 Daniel, Jackson and Reagan
 The kids who were waiting for a ride began a snowball fight :)
 When the waiting got to be too much the kids became creative and found a new way to sled... Exactly how many Carlson cousins can ride at the same time between the 4-wheeler, rope and sled?
 Missy K was the last one standing and Jeremy was nice enough to stay out and play with her after everyone else (including Tim and I) had given up/turned into human popcicles and gone inside.
 It wasn't just the kids who had fun in the snow, the adults enjoyed their fair share too! :)

 Lance was awesome playing outside in he snow with the kids. The kids had a great time on the reindeer and penguin sleds Aunt Arla had for them to ride down the barnhill.

 Reagan making a snow angel. You can get an idea of the amount of snow from how deep her wings are.
 The girls with the Phil Carlson grandchildren
 The barn was a good place to warm up a bit while playing outside. The cows are also a great excuse to take a break especially when Lance helped the kids pet the calves!

 When we were kids we use to dig out snow tunnels in Wisconsin when the snow was deep enough. Somehow we got to talking about this and Grand-Dad and I decided to help the girls do this as well. I have to say I'm much faster and more successful at this endeavor than I was as a child! 
 Missy K's up front, Grand-Dad's to the right digging from the other direction and Reagan's in the back contemplating beginning a third tunnel to meet up in the middle.
 Big enough for 3!
Thank you to everyone who played in the snow with us! We had a fabulous time and it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without all the cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents! Thank you everyone for so much good old fashioned fun! :)

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