Friday, September 5, 2014

Camoflauge Project

 All my posts have been social recently, but we were actually doing school last year too. :) It's so far past that I haven't necessarily wanted to take the time to sort through all the project pictures, but this one was neat enough I thought I would share it. The point is to help kids understand how camouflage works as well as the idea of survival of the fittest.
You need M&Ms and Skittles for this project. You sort the M&Ms by color and place them on a plate (I think it suggested around 50). You then put 5-10 of each color of Skittle in a bowl. Here is a picture of what you would be handing to your child/student.
 Next you tell the kids you are going to have them mix their M&Ms and Skittles and give them something like 20 seconds to sort them again. For fun I think it also mentioned you could tell the kids they do not want to "catch" any M&Ms because they are poisonous!
 Then you're off and your kids get to see first hand how camouflage works in nature as it is obviously much easier to sort the Skittles that don't match than the M&Ms that do. Pretty cool! :) We followed this up with a couple of books on habitats and how animals use camouflage to their advantage.
And here is another use for M&Ms one of my munchkins discovered... Not sure M&M pizza sounds very appealing to me but no one asked me either... lol :)

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