Saturday, September 6, 2014

Spring 2014 Violin Recital

Sweet friends, Tori and Reagan, before their last violin recital together. We sure miss Miss Tori and wish she still lived in Kentucky! :) 
 Ms. Susie had the idea for the girls to play a duet featuring "Rocky Top" and "My Old Kentucky Home" as a farewell since this was Tori's last recital in Mrs. Watt's studio. They did such a good job playing together! So proud of both of these girls! :)
For their solos Reagan played Lully's Gavotte and Kennedy played Suzuki's Andantino. Thank you to Grammy for accompanying all three girls!
 Jackson enjoying the recital with Aunt Jen...
Grand-Dad captured this sweet picture of McKinley during the recital
 Love both of these pictures of Aunt Jen with Jackson and McKinley
After the recital and before Aunt Jen, Grammy and Grand-Dad headed back to Tennessee we caught this picture of Reagan trying out her new goggles and snorkel which Aunt Jen and Uncle Andrew gave Reagan for her birthday. This is a pretty nifty snorkel  as it has a mechanism which closes the top of the snorkel if you go under water. It has an additional mechanism which drains any water at the bottom if some does leak in. Pretty cool! Thank you Aunt Jen And Uncle Andrew for such fun gift! As a side note, we also had the opportunity to take Aunt Jen to her first trip to Culver's for dinner. We couldn't believe she'd never been before! Those butter burgers and fried cheese curds are just too yummy!!!
Thank you to Aunt Jen for spending a whole weekend with us! We had a fabulous time and just wish we were able to spend more time with both her and Uncle Andrew! We can't wait until our next visit! :)

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