Saturday, September 6, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

Family pictures after church on Easter Sunday morning

 Reagan (1 day shy of 7 years old) and Kennedy (5 1/2 years old) 
 Jackson (3 1/2 years old) and McKinley (14 months old)
 Checking out their Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny 

   McKinley found her chocolate!!!

After church Uncle Dan, Aunt Dorothy, Heidi and Holden as well as our good friends, the Skinners came over for dinner. Uncle Dan works so hard at getting Miss McKinley let him hold her and she gives him such a hard time! Had to catch this moment when she went to him willingly. :) 
 After dinner it was time for our final Easter Egg hunt with just our cute kiddos, but first we of course had to torture them with a group photo. Can you believe all three families chose this color to wear with absolutely no coordination between Dorothy, Amy and me??? I must say that in my humble opinion we have some pretty cute kids!!! :)
 Ready, set go!


Thank you for celebrating the resurrection of our Lord with us! God has blessed us with amazing family and friends to share these special moments with! We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and made equally good memories with your friends and family!

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