Sunday, September 7, 2014

Reagan Turns 7

I cannot believe my little Missy Reagan turned 7 in April! I guess she's not so little anymore! For her birthday we of course began the day by celebrating our traditional way with Krispy Kreme donuts and presents.  
 Reagan was thrilled to receive her very own box of Cheez-Its. What a little nut! lol :)
 We ended the day with our tradition of Chick-Fil-A with Uncle Dan's family. I captured some super sweet pictures of these sweet (semi-toothless) cousins. :)

For her big birthday celebration Reagan had a "Dispicable Me 2" Minion slumber party. The kids absolutely love this movie and especially all the Minions. She wasn't saying it in April yet, but even McKinley walks around saying "Minion! Minion!" when she wants one of the big kids to show her them on their Kindles or TV. Maybe my little "Munckins" have turned into my little "Minions?" :)
 Reagan sent a note to Santa asking if Hermie could visit for her birthday. Just like with Kennedy, he arrived with a very special chair design that Reagan loved! :) Hermie not only decorated a birthday chair for Reagan he also did a small one for himself. This is one creative and busy little elf...
For the party the kids made their own individual pizzas.
They had special Minion drinks
 For dessert I made yellow and purple Minion cupcakes per Reagan's request
 Making her wish, sure hope it was a good one! :)  
 These two buddies are too cute - after cupcakes they headed back to Holden's house for a slumber party of their own. Thanks so much Aunt Dorothy! :)

 These two buddies are pretty cute too! Does life get any better than a godfather who keeps giving you sugar???

Thank you to everyone who made Reagan's 7th birthday so special! We are truly blessed by such a amazing friends and family! :)


  1. We are HUGE Minion fans! The kids were beyond excited to discover there is a Minion movie coming out next summer!!! :)