Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Camping at Cumberland Falls State Park - May 2014

Since we moved to Kentucky 5 years ago Dorothy and I have been discussing going camping. This past spring we finally made it happen! Our families met Grammy and Grand-dad at Cumberland Falls State Park in southern Kentucky and we had a fabulous weekend!
McKinley, Grand-Dad and Jackson had fun playing with the games Aunt Dorothy brought.
 The big girls enjoying the kids tent
  Jackson and Holden enjoying some yummy camp food - cookies do count as a health food when you're camping right?
 There were a ton of tent worms around our campsite. Kennedy discovered she could have tent worm races and the other kids found this game entertaining as well. What a nut! :)

 On Saturday we headed to the falls to take a hike and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.
The girls and Jackson inside a tree.
  Grammy & Jackson taking a short break and Grand-Dad & Kennedy posing for me
A couple of shots of Daddy with his sweet baby
McKinley (14 1/2 months)
 Holden and Kennedy on our hike
  Quick family shot in front of the falls
  Cousins :)
Reagan (7) and Kennedy (5 1/2) with their new baseball caps 
 Not sure if she's my mini me...
 or Grand-Dad's mini me...
 These two girls are always ready to pose for a picture :)
 Instead of heading back to the car after we saw the falls we decided to keep following the trail. The kids found some fun rocks to climb on along the way.

And then we found a beach where we could get super messy and have lots of fun! :)

 Uncle Dan took time to try and teach Reagan how to skip rocks
 Missy K busy climbing some more rocks on our way back
 I thought this picture of McKinley and Jackson sharing Fruit-Loops for breakfast Sunday morning was so super sweet. :)
Thank you for such a fabulous weekend! This was sooo much fun and we can't wait to go camping again! I just hope it doesn't take us another 5 years to plan our next trip! :)


  1. Whatever floats their boat, right? It's all about enjoying nature... lol :)