Monday, December 8, 2014

Anna's 7th Birthday and more TN fun

 We went to Tennessee in late June to help celebrate Anna's surprise 7th birthday party. What made me laugh so much about this party is that Anna told Kelly that she wanted a Surprise Frozen Pool party. What a kid! lol :) Not quite convinced that's how surprises work, but at least she knows what she wants! lol :)
Here are the guests lined up and waiting for the birthday girl to arrive
 Here she comes...
 Such a sweet smile from such a sweet girl! :)
McKinley hanging out with Kelly
 Everyone always loves to play with Pappy
 Looks like the boys might have been ganging up on poor Charlie... :)
 While we were in Tennessee we visited the Sligers and were able to meet their new grandson, Martin, for the first time. He is such a sweet baby! Not sure why I didn't start snapping pictures earlier on or how I only managed to get a couple, but at least I got one of McKinley checking out Martin.
 The Kellys had us over to enjoy all their wonderful fruit! The kids love to raid their raspberry and blueberry patches. Their farm is always so much fun and such a great place for my wild and crazy kids to run and play! :)
 I couldn't believe McKinley snuggled with Aunt Nancy so quickly but it wasn't at all a surprise that she loved the fresh raspberries! :)
 I have a lot of these berry pictures, but I just can't help it since they're all so cute! :) 

 Time to sit and eat them all!!! :)

I thought this was a sweet picture of Reagan and Aunt Nancy having a chat while looking for a rabbit they had spotted.
 Hanging out by the barn, 
 in the hammock, 
 and don't forget the amazing tire swings!!! 
 Somehow, neither Grand-Dad or I managed to take a single picture at Grammy and Grand-Dad's house, but they were of course a large part of the fun too! Thank you to everyone for always making us feel so special and welcome in Tennessee! :)

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