Monday, December 8, 2014

Girl Scout Camp - 2014

Reagan and Kennedy attended their first Girl Scout summer camp in June. They loved it! It was especially fun because they were able to go with several of the other girls in their troop as well as their cousin Heidi. The last day Aunt Dorothy and I went to watch the closing and all the skits the girls had created. It was pretty cute! :)
My favorite story/rule that the girls came home with from the week was "If you kill a bug you have to eat the bug." Love it! lol :)
 It was crazy hat day so I had to take a picture of these two crazy girls...
Reagan, Kara and Kennedy
 Jackson kept picking flowers which Aunt Dorothy helped him make creations from while the girls were doing their closing activities.
 The girls are definitely looking forward to returning to camp. Reagan's only regret for the week was only being able to spend the night one week. This crazy girl is more ready than Mom and Dad to start week long over night camps! :)

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